Flashcards for NEET

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Flashcards for NEET


Flashcards are hand down the most effective way for motivated learners to study and retain factual knowledge especially they are used smartly.

When you look at a flashcard and think of the answer or concept, you are engaging a mental faculty known as active recall. In other words, you are attempting to remember the concept from scratch rather than simply staring at the passage in your textbook. Active recall has been proven to create stronger neuron connection for that memory trace and flashcards can so easily facilitiate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events.

When you reveal the concept or answer on a flashcard to access your correctness, you are essentially asking yourself "How did my answer compare to this correct answer? and "How well did i know(or not know) it? The act of self-reflection is known as metacognition. Research shows that apply metacognition tends to ingrain memories deeper into your knowledge.

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